Our new winter seasonal fruit salad

A new season means a new seasonal salad!

This time around, we have our winter seasonal salad fully attuned to the holidays. At JUST, we are looking forward to the holidays, and we can not wait to bring you into a festive mood as well. We have selected the best fruits to give our winter seasonal salad a festive tinge. With blood orange, khaki and pomegranate seedsyou get just that extra, luxurious feeling inside.

Which color fits Christmas better than red? That is why we enrich our seasonal salad with blood orange instead of the ordinary orange. Did you know that in Sicily, where the blood orange originates from, they are called ‘sanguinello’? With their subtle taste and Italian origin, it is a pico bello addition to our winter seasonal salad.

And how about the khaki, which has matured beautifully in the Spanish sun. As a result, it has a soft, sweet taste, very suitable to get it nice and warm from. The khaki contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C, and is because of that super healthy!

Finally, to decorate our winter seasonal salad some more, we have sprinkled some pomegranate seeds over it. Because of their fresh taste and crunchy bite, they are the ideal addition to every Christmas dinner. The seeds also look a bit like shiny Christmas balls, don’t you think?

JUST enjoy your holidays!