Power & Detox Fruit shaker

The festival season has kicked off and we will be there with our food truck! Dancing and having fun at these festivals is a welcome change for the human being, but drinking a lot of beer, little sleep and all the fast food is not always that good… But we now have an answer to that.

Due to the (personal) experience we have gained during festivals, we know what party people can use. Therefore we have chosen to introduce two new Fruit shakers, especially for the seasoned festival goer. First the Detox Fruit shaker for people with a hangover, which has a detoxifying effect, and secondly the Power Fruit shaker to get over your midday dip. Both recipes have ‘superfruits inside’ that have been chosen for both fruit shakers. If these will not get you through the day, we don’t know what does!

Come try them on one of the festivals we attend to!