Recycling & Biomimicry

What to do with all these plastic bottles we throw away every day? Well, we recycle these bottles and turn them into our magnificent fruitcups!

We do not feel the need to put extra plastic on our planet because we think there is already enough pollution out there. That is why we use a method by which we us only one 1.5L PET-bottle to create four of our fruit cups! Isn’t that great?

Not only these recycled PET-bottles make our fruitcups so unique. We also happen to use the technique of biomimicry. Biomimicry is the imitation of models of nature for the purpose of solving complex problems. Well, we think all this plastic is a huge problem, so we used nature to help us a little bit. By putting some pollen under the microscope, we imitated their structure into the walls of our cups. By doing that, we did not have to use as many plastic as before, since the structure increased the strength of the wall.


That’s what we mean by enjoying nature with respect!