Our souper bowl of fresh veggies

Your cup of wholesome soup, now JUST pure and fresh!

Do you also feel like fancy a fresh soup to get the best out of your day? No worries, with our new Soup TO GO you can now enjoy a delicious soup of fresh vegetables any place, any where, any time!

These freshly cut vegetables is what makes our Soup TO GO unique. Simple and pure, just to get that home-made taste, like in mum’s kitchen. The preparation is easy and fast; add some hot water, for example from the coffee machine at your work or school. Just stir well, let it rest for a minute and… tada! Now you are ready to enjoy a nice soup, even when you are on the go.

So in case you have missed out the Super Bowl on TV, you now can enjoy your very own Souper Bowl! Our Soup TO GO consists of three unique flavours, so there will always be one for you.

Discover them all!