Fruit Energy


We just love everything about our fruits. And when we say everything, we really do mean everything! Because even the seeds and the peels (that some might consider as ‘waste’) are very valuable components. In fact they are so valuable that we biodigest them to generate green electricity for about 100 households (kids & pets included).

And there is still a lot more we can do with it! That’s why we continuously try to valorize our ‘waste’ in the best possible ways.


Our farmers are our heroes. They cultivate the best fruit and vegetables that you find in your JUST products every day. Since our products deserve the highest quality (and of course you do too) we work with Global GAP certified farmers.

We strive for intensive friendships with our farmers by which we try to use as much local fruit and vegetables as possible. Because pineapples and melons like to hang around in the sun this is not always possible…



The best packaging for fruit is its own skin. Since all our products are made ‘ready-to-eat’, we have to take this ‘natural packaging’ off. As you already guessed, at JUST we care about nature. That’s why we use recycled plastic for our fruit cups.